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I have three advanced chemistry questions that need to be answered?

1.Identify the reactants and products in each of the following chemical reactions.

A. Fe2O3+2AI>2Fe+Al2O3


2. Explain where the energy to cook food comes from when a gas stove burns natural gas, CH4, and oxygen, O2?

.... alright, maybe question number two isnt that advanced, but its advanced to me so could you explain how you got the answer too so i could understand the concept better?

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    1. The reactants are the things on the left, and the products are on the right.

    2. The energy released during combustion is approximately equal to the difference between the energies of the bonds formed and the bonds broken as a result of the reaction. Breaking a bond costs energy, and forming a bond releases energy. Since this reaction releases energy, the total of the energies of the bonds formed must be greater than the total of the energies of the bonds broken.

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