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Making a Christmas cd?

I'm making a Christmas cd and I was wondering some timeless songs that I can put on it. Also by some universally accepted artists, I don't want Mariah Carey...It's for school so it can't be like about Jesus or anything either.


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    non religious ones include

    Jingle bells

    Jingle bell rock

    Oh Christmas tree

    Santa clause is coming to town

    Frosty the snowman

    Winter wonderland

    Marshmallow world

    White Christmas

    Blue Christmas

    we wish you a merry Christmas

    Up on the housetop

    Two front Teeth

    the Night before Christmas

    Sleigh ride

    Silver bells

    Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

    lots of choices, if you use iTunes or something else with a preview option you can hear a part of it beforeyou download, allowing you to choose an version that sounds good to you.

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    If you go to you can find holiday stations and listen to the songs for free. That should give you tons of songs to choose! I love Where are you Christmas? from off the movie The Grinch.. I think Faith Hill sings it too. Glee has a few good ones.

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    - Holly Jolly Chrsitmas

    - Let It Snow

    - Deck The Halls

    - Jingle Bells

    - Jingle Bell Rock

    - Silent Night

    - Rudolph

    - Cold Outside

    - Last Christmas

    - Mr.Grinch

    - Heat/Snow Miser

    - Whoville Song

    - 12 Days of Christmas

    - Muppet version ^

    If you google it, I am sure you will get a bunch of other ideas as well.

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    It's not a christmas cd if you can't even have ONE song about Jesus. Isn't he what Christmas is all about?

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