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Is this both Bulimia and Anorexia at the same time?

My friend does the following:

Eats as little as possible during the day, replaces a meal or a snack with water

If she "gives in" and has something for lunch she will throw it up

Most of the time she vomits dinner as well, regardless of how much she had

She runs xc and track and has told me she is 96 pounds, she is around 5'1

She never believes it when people tell her she is thin

And she has told me once or twice she has eaten much more than she would and has thrown it up.

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    The self image part is the anorexia and the binging and purging part is the bulimia. When she looks in the mirror and sees a fat person no matter what people tell her that is anorexia, that and replacing meals with water. When she goes and throws up her dinner that is bulimia. Both conditions can and very often do coexist. She needs to see a professional about both problems or there could be dangerous results. Hope all works out.

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    Bulimia is making a habit of bingeing and purging which isn't comparable to anorexia: binge/purge-type. Anorexia: B/P-t is once you in many cases are on an exceptionally constrained weight loss software yet you may binge and purge or in basic terms purge considering you think of you have binged (an anorexic binge may well be an added rice cake. a real binge may well be an entire pizza and a liter of soda.) word: laxative abuse is likewise seen bulimia if bingeing is in touch. Bulimics tend to no longer even difficulty proscribing because of the fact regardless of they consume, they only purge. Bulimics could have 5,000 energy an afternoon or greater. Anorexics in many cases everywhere under a million,000.

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    It could be, but I was pondering this

    "she has told me once or twice she has eaten much more than she would and has thrown it up"

    had she really been binging or is it just much more than her anorexic mind would see as acceptable?

    When I had an active eating disorder, I could be quite upset over eating an apple.

    I heard that from others as well.

    Anyway regardless if it's anorexia or anorexia and bulimia, she needs help really soon before it gets any worse.

    You might need to talk to an adult about this if she isn't listening to you.

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    yep that sure is :/ you need to tell someone..her parents or a doctor ASAP!! coz she's gonna get really sick from this and it will affect her health on the long run if it continues...she may be mad at first but later she will thank you x

    Source(s): personal experience
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    Possibly but if she is 96lbs. go to your doctor this can get very serious and she could quit possibly die she will thank you later on when she is cured.

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    yes absolutely.

    help her.

    and if this is you, please stop and take care of yourself. people dont realize how permanant and damaging eating disorders are to your body. they will hurt you now and in the long run

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    yes, she is both.

    she needs to get some help.


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    yes, there is such thing as that

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