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What are your thoughts on euthanasia (putting an animal to sleep)?

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    I view it as a very humane thing to do in certain situations.

    If you have a very sick or injured animal its best to let them go with as little suffering as possible. Euthanasia is the only way to accomplish this. To let them lay and suffer till they pass is more sad.

    Even though the topic is taboo.. I also believe that euthanasia is a humane and kind thing to do with certain people in certain situations. Especially if its something they choose.

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    Thoughts On Euthanasia

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    Depends on the specifics of the situation involved. For non-emergency situations, such as those involving horses that are suffering from colic, laminitis, or incurable conditions like cancer, euthanasia is obviously the humane way to go. Euthanasia allows the horse's human connections a chance to grieve and say goodbye, and also to gain a sense of closure. That's particularly important in cases involving horses that are owned or are ridden by children and teenagers. Kids need to be able to grieve, and they need the support and comfort that comes from knowing that they did all they could for a particular animal. For situations in which a given horse clearly presents a threat to itself, other horses, or to people, then a bullet through the brain is sometimes the only way to go. An example of this would be a case in which a horse has broken a leg in a traffic accident involving an overturned trailer, or a horse that is down and thrashing because of violent colic. But putting a horse down that way is NOT a job for an amateur. You need to know where to place the bullet, and you also need to know that horses cannot be shot at from afar with any accuracy. The old stories that you see in the movies about how a sheriff's deputy or cop pulls a pistol and shoots a horse from a quarter mile away are just that- they are stories, and nothing more. In reality, the bullet must be fired from a gun which is placed directly against the skull of the animal, if it is to have its intended effect. Sometimes it takes more than one bullet to do the job, too. With euthanasia solution, the horse has to be sedated first before the drugs can be injected- and it's not uncommon for more than one dose to be required in that instance too, especially with very large horses. Could I shoot a horse in an emergency? NO, because I've never handled a gun. I hate guns, in fact. And before you ask, no, I would never give euthanasia solution myself, because it's illegal. The drugs used in animal euthanasia are the same ones which are used to execute people by lethal injection- the only thing that changes is the dosage and the route of administration. That means that euthanasia solution can only be given by a licensed professional such as a vet. Laypersons who try to give the drugs illegally can be fined and prosecuted.

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    My 11 year old black lab Rodney was just euthanized in October. He had an inoperable tumor on his spine, his brain was swelling putting pressure where it shouldn't be, he lost control of his legs, was disoriented...he was in pain. I think my parents made the right decision, and they agree it's the hardest decision they've ever had to make.

    I believe in euthanasia only if there is no hope and the animal is in pain. I sometimes think it should be legal for humans as well.

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    I would rather euthanize an animal than allow it to suffer. When we adopt or purchase an animal, we assume responsibility for its life, health, and welfare. Sometimes that means doing the right thing for an animal that is badly injured, terminally ill, or suffering.

    It's always been a decision that we have made with our vet, utilizing their knowledge and input. It's never been arbitrary.

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    In certain cases its humane. When 2 of my rats got tumors and the vet could not do anything for them and they were suffering I had them euthanized because I didn't want them to suffer. I had another rat that was so old (he was 4.5 years old) his organs were just shutting down and he was suffering so I had him put to sleep. If there is nothing that can be done and the animal is suffering them its the humane thing to do.

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    I have mixed view really.

    Have you seen the telly shows where the dogs have had a bad life and the vets 'think' they cant get him well again, and put him to sleep, i think thats wrong!! because after having a rubbush life and no love at all he has no future and gets put to sleep. I think vets should at least try!

    But if there REALLY REALLY isnt any way to help bring any animal back to well being then the only way is it sit there give him/her love and let them go, for they will be in a much happier place

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    humane euthanasia is necessary in certain situations.

    a few weeks ago we had to put our pet to sleep because he had ruptured tumors.

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    If they are dying and in lots of pain, then yes. If they have an illness that will get progressively worse and can't be fixed, and will cause them lots of pain, yes.

    If it's because the owners can't afford to look after their pet anymore or simply can't be bothered to, then no!

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    Its a neccessity when the circumstances call for it.

    Just another harsh rule of life that we have to endure as humans. Everything can not be beautiful.

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