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What"s the National Guard?

I've talked to many people about joining the army or marines, but i really don't want to commit myself in joining either for 3-4 years. i always thought about joining the Army/Marines as my last resort. So people are telling me that the National Guard might be a good idea for me because they mentioned i can serve and go to school at the same time and they help me to pay college"

But if someone could explain exactly what the national guard is because i feel like there's more to understand about it?

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    The explanation goes back to the beginning of our country, the time the Constitution was being framed. The delegates who came together to create the Constitution found they had some serious issues of disagreement, and they managed to resolve them all through compromise (unlike politicians today!)

    One of the disagreements had to do with whether or not our country should have a 'standing army'--that is, a permanent force of professional, full-time military, under the control of the federal government. Up to then we'd had 'militias', temporary, part-time 'citizen-soldiers' who drilled together once in a while, got together when needed to fight a battle, and were under control of the individual states.

    A lot of people thought we should just keep the militia setup, partly because they feared a standing army would give the federal govt. too much power, partly because of the expense of keeping an army all the time, partly because those nations that did have standing armies at the time seemed always to be fighting a war (perhaps to justify the expense). And there had even been a few military takeovers, where generals of the army had simply taken over the whole government.

    In the end a compromise was reached. We -would- have a standing army, but it would be under civilian control. The president would be commander in chief, and Congress would fund the army and could stop it through pinching off its funds. AND the states would be allowed to keep their militias, under state control, but with help from the fed. govt. After the French Revolution, the name was changed to National Guard, because that's what the French called theirs.

    Over the years, the National Guard has been used mostly in domestic problems--riots, natural disasters, etc. But they can also be called up by the president and sent to war. For the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, President Bush sent the National Guard on a more or less permanent basis, because we have a shortage of manpower in the armed forces due to the all-volunteer army.

    But normally the NG is like a reserve unit. You train for one weekend a month, and for 2 weeks in the Summer (something like that). In return you get paid, plus you get certain benefits, perhaps help with college. I looked into it when I got out of high school, but that was a while ago, so you'd want to talk to a recruiter and see what the deal is.

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