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Is legit?

i'm really not sure but I want to place an pleaseee...easy ten points if you know!!


I have ordered from all cosmetics wholesale before but they don't have the thing I want :( so I found this site...I emailed the staff and maybe they can give me some more, I dunno, proof? haha

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    They claim to sell high end products, with some sites they may sell fake high end products, so make sure you do the research with the products you want to buy. Such as if it is a MAC eyeshadow go on the official MAC site and find that eyeshadow and see if they are identical. If they dont have it on the official MAC site they MAC you want to buy on beautygirl4makeup may be fake. SO BE VERY VERY CAREFUL. SO DO RESEARCH FOR EACH PRODUCT!

    i searched beautygirl4makeup on google and they have a account on ebay there and they have good feedback so it seems okay (unless they made heaps of fake account haha)

    But i would be safe and not order on there.

    It's up to you.:)

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    I have personally never heard of this site before. The thing I do notice is that there seems to be no testimonials or ratings from any other buyers that would give you any insight into their reputation. Also fakes are getting more and more difficult to spot. They have an ebay store and by the feedback there it seems like they are legit. Have you ever heard of ? They are definitely legitimate and offer a true discount on authentic makeup, you will find a lot of testimonials and reviews online as well as on youtube.

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    I'm not sure.. I have never heard of this website before. Honestly, just to be safe don't order on there.

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    OMG YES! I've ordered a lot of stuff from there. The shipping is awesome too.

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