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Just because I am ugly, I have to date ugly guys?

I understand that ugly guys have a hard time finding love.

They all go after me... thinking I won't reject. And I shouldn't reject them at all. There is no reason for me to reject them.

I know I am the ugliest girl ever... and that I shouldn't even try to flirt with a cute guy.

One day, an ugly guy came up to me and said, "Oh you think you're pretty."

That isn't true.

I just don't want to date or married ugly guys... I always said... "I rather be alone". I don't want ugly kids. And I don't want my ugly kids to have to go through what I am going thru.

I hate looking at myself in the mirror, so why do I want to look at an ugly guy?

Yeah I am insecure, you would be too if you're ugly as I am.

Am I being selfish?

I don't need men anyway... because I had bad experience with the ugly men anyway... they treated me worse than cute guys.

Ugly men used me up, took my money, cheated on me, abused me...

I thought ugly men would treat me 100 times better... I was so wrong.

I can't even stop retching when I was with an ugly guy. Yeah

I had sex... the worse sex I ever had with the ugly guy... I thought

an ugly guy would give me the best sex... but he won't put it in my vagi**

He must be GAY.

I regret for giving up the cute guy for the ugly guy. Oh well.

The cute guy gave me the best sex I ever had, I was knocked up.

So that is why I just be interesting in cute guys now.

Give them a chance to be with me... but I just can't do it tho...

I am even more more insecure to be with a cute guy.

So that is why I rather be alone anyway.

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    Sadly, you're quite right that ugly guys won't necessarily treat you any better than cute guys. Despite the stereotypes, you really can't judge a book by its cover - ugly guys can be ugly on the inside just as often as cute guys.

    However, that doesn't mean all ugly guys are jerks. Look at the people in your family... are they ugly, or cute? Do you even recognize it anymore? Probably not, because they are family. You see them for who you've learned them to be, not what they look like.

    I think it's still worth giving people a chance, so long as you guard yourself. Finding love is hard, but if you find it with someone who really respects you, it's worth more than gold.

    At the same time, you're absolutely right that you can love yourself without needing anybody else, particularly if you have a lot of good friends.

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    Your decision.

    Don't chase anyone if you feel the way you do.

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