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Does marijuana make you gain weight?

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    It depends on your diet.

    According to the Cannabinoid System Network:

    When the CB1, CB2 and CB3 receptors are activated it helps to produce new neurons and entire neural pathways. The cannabinoid system is in charge of many functions of health in the human body. It controls a large amount of pain detection, lipid production, cholesterol levels, metabolism, digestion, nutrient delivery, cell division, appetite and many more things.

    When you smoke marijuana it activates all of these receptors. This increases appetite, increases lipid production of VLDL which converts to LDL and lowers HDL making your cholesterol levels healthy. It increases metabolism which burns off fat and increases energy levels. It increases pain tolerance which leads to more physical activity. It helps the body reduce insulin rejection which lowers and stabilizes glucose levels and helps to prevent type 2 diabetes. It helps the body to build muscle, strengthen bones and produce new skin cells as well as the cells of organs which extends youth. It dilates your arteries and opens up airways wich increases oxygen levels in the blood.

    According to the National Institutes of Health:

    There are over 85 known constituents in marijuana that are known as cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are not only neurotransmitters that activate all of the CB receptors but also are highly effective antioxidants that cannot be found anywhere else in nature. Of these THC and CBD (the two main active ingredients found in marijuana that causes euphoria) are the most powerful antioxidants ever discovered. A third known as anandimide is just as powerful although it is not one of the main ingredients. Just one of these antioxidants have proven more useful than the current medical use of all other antioxidants combined being extremely effective neuron protectors that protect the neurons from the damages of elevated glutamate that cause oxidation within the brain. They also strongly rid the body of other toxins, carcinogens and free radicals. What's more is that they have proven to interrupt the DNA reproduction cycle of over 20 types of cancer including lung cancer. As well, these antioxidants form a protective barrier in the lungs that protect from smoke inhalation and from carcinogens found in the air from decades of pollution.

    Both of these things help you to reduce fat, increase bone density and gain muscle mass. As well as lengthen life span. Now increasing bone density and muscle fibers while losing fat may make you gain weight depending on how over weight you are. This also makes marijuana an ideal performance enhancing drug that is a perfect supplement for body building, weight loss and exercise.

    Basically, this means that simply smoking marijuana produces the same effects in the body that body builders, nutrition experts and weight loss instructors strive constantly through strict diet and intense exercise programs try to create. This is because exercise causes the body to produce large amounts of 3 endocannabinoids that activate these 3 receptor types. These are not as effective as the 85 cannabinoids found in marijuana.

    The problem is most people snack on "munchies" that are very counter productive to the positive effects of marijuana. Usually because they are easier to snack on at a moments notice. It is a good idea to keep your kitchen stocked with healthy foods that are good to the pallet and easy to prepare, or to go ahead and cook something healthy before you smoke your weed. It is also a good idea to have a low stock of unhealthy junk snack foods. This will help prevent junk food consumption while smoking marijuana and ultimately help to maintain the good health benefits of marijuana.

    Source(s): Associates in nutritional sciences, 30 years of diet and body building experiance, 15 years personal trainer experiance and 20 years of heavy marijuana use. Visit "The Truth About Weed, Pot and Marijuana" Facebook page. Like it and post pictures, comment, discuss your views and beliefs, gather real facts about marijuana from the true experts with an overwhelming amount of resources.
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    No, eating makes you gain weight. Overeating is a choice just as choosing to use an illegal substance is a choice. Marijuana stimulates appetite, but the latest research seems to show that marijuana users are actually slightly thinner than people who do not smoke marijuana. If this is anything more than a statistical anomaly, the reasons are not clear. No, it actually allows you to gain a lot of weight because of the munchies. If you the "munchies" al the time, then you'll turn into a pig. THC makes food taste so delicious--almost any food. It has a high gluttony factor. Indirectly, being stoned will mean devouring these delectables and of course, you become sedentary afterward. It's the sedentary state that causes the weight gain. No one ever gets stoned, has a meal, and goes for a jog. They get stoned, have a meal, ponder the essence of the Greek renaissance, and go to sleep. Peace.

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    Does marijuana make you gain weight?

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    Yesish. The Marijuana itself doesn't do a damn thing. You can go on smoking reefer all you want without any (medical) side effects, but Marijuana does provoke an incredible amount of hunger which of course can lead to weight gain.

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    Just don't give in to the munchies and you'll loose weight. Or you can just workout and not have to worry. You can do 25 sit ups and push ups right before each joint, so the joint is like a reward. Don't become fat because you will just be a fat stoner. Nobody likes those. You should be a fit stoner so nobody can be like all this *****/dude do is eat n smoke weed so stereotypical.

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    Eat 5 6 small meals a day instead of 3

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    No, but getting the munchies as a result of marijuana sure doesn't help.

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    Sleep in a cold room Sleeping in a cold room is a best way to force your body to heat itself up for hours

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