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Is it weird to purpose to someone at 11 years old?

Me and my GF ARE IN LOVE:) I wanna marry her ASAP. Is it weird? i want it to be a christmas suprise!:D

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    ur way too young.

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    You mean PROPOSE. Yes it's weird. I assume you're about the same age, that's too young for a proposal. An age appropriate gift would be a promise ring.

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    .... You have not even reached puberty yet! Yes, you are way too young to marry!!! Way too young to be engaged!

    And it is not spelled purpose. It's "Propose." So, if you cannot spell the word, you should not be thinking about it.

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    WOW....I have been with my wife for over 10 years and we're only 25. I thought I was young to ask her at 17 but I did it anyway and we're still together and happy

    I guess there's a possibility it will work out

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    Yes. It is weird to propose* at such a young age. Wait 8 or 9 years. :)

  • tupaj
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    your 7y/o knows he's on top of will desire to offer up those nonsense & merry-bypass-around punishments, & honestly tutor this youngster a thank you to act & respond while he acts this way..or perhaps seize it in the previous it arrives...he's gonna prefer the extra beneficial interest good now to seize ea undesirable habit, yet he purely desires to benefit...& btw, talking isn't the only thank you to tutor...ask for his help @ the food market so he would not get so bored..whats up, even ask him to devise dinner for the evening, that would purely save him occupied interior the save...enable him stay wide awake a million/2 hr later @ evening..& nevertheless use that quiet down technique you used in the previous...stable habit, how approximately giving him slightly card with a thank you for being this way of stable, huge, accountable, candy boy, instead of treats & toys..get to the middle instead of cloth issues on the two ends & you would be positive...

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    wait for 10 years

  • 1 decade ago

    At 11 she's probably doesn't even know what your saying.

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    Yes it is, what would be the reaction of both your families guess they would think you are way too young too.

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    If you don't know how to spell propose, then you're not ready

    And you're not in love.

    Source(s): 13 and never had a boyfriend :P
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    wait until you can spell propose.

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