is it weird to be 22 and meeting people online?

i feel like i'm too young to be meeting people online. i recently joined plentyoffish and have been talking to this guy but i don't know if i want to tell my friends how i met him. i feel like they'll judge me and it's kind of embarrassing that i resorted to the internet rather than just meeting someone. i'm considering not even meeting him so i don't have to explain it to them. i'm just bored and lonely and just moved to a new city so i'm interested in meeting people but this is more of a dating situation so i dunno.

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    1 out of 5 relationships start on online dating sites. sometimes i think there better. look at this way, on an online dating site guys judge you on ur interests that they read about. in person they only you know you by your looks (unless you already know each other of course). don't lose someone that has the potential to be special to you just because your embarrassed of what your friends would think of you. do it for you, not anyone else. i mean obviously if you don't like him, don't see him. but i don't see the problem with online dating. it opens you up to new people and actually getting to know them better. you'll never know what you find. maybe theres a guy who feels the same way as you, like he's embarrassed. good luck!

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    That's not too young. As long as your 18 and older its fine to meet people online. Hey it's like talking to a pen pal back in the school days. If they judge, then they suck. A good reason for meeting people online would be that you can find that special someone, because you might be sick of the guys in your area. Good luck.

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    A lot of people meet online. It's hard in this day and age to meet eligible people to go out with . Just be careful. Plenty of Fish has a bad reputation (as do the rest of them).

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    It's not weird, but just use common sense and don't go over board online. If you do meet someone make sure its in a public place and someone knows where your going. And ask for lots of pictures because the internet is full of liars.

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    I know how you fell all you want is to find that special guy but maybe you'll find him in clubs,pubs or parties. Stay away from it if I were you or if you give it a try don't take it seriously. It's better to meet public in person when your least expecting it. Trust me I've given up on online dating it's full of weird men and ugly men.

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    It's a lot more normal than you think. In this day and age, a lot of people do it.

    If your friends try to hassle you, tell them to get with the times.

    But please be careful, There are a lot of creeps online also.

    Make sure your first meeting isn't alone. have a friend close or with you for the first meeting!

    Good Luck

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    I think it's fine.

    Funny story: I met my boyfriend on Xbox Live when I was 16. I know that sounds crazy, but we have lived together now for 8 months and have been dating for more than 2 years.

    I say "Go for it!"

    Best of luck! (:

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    Tell everyone you met him at the library.

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    girl im 22 and i do it. you have to be careful though

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