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Why my mom wears thongs ?

My mom is 41 and she likes to wear thongs. Sometimes when she wears them with transparent clothes I'm embarrassed.


PS: I think she does not them to wear with transparent clothes. But she wears dresses and so on.

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    She can wear whatever underwear she wants , it's not weird at all. But the transparent clothing on the other hand .... that should be only worn in the bedroom with her man .

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    do not look, does she wear any clothing over the bra and thong or just the thong and bra? Is see in her own back yard where know one can see her, if so it is her business and u should not be watching. By the way I live out in the sticks and walk to my dog lot to feed them in my underwear. Does not hurt anyone. the dog lot is behind the house. Sure is a good way to get woke up in a hurry on a cool morning.

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    My mom is 42 & she wears thongs too. I'm not embarrassed really because a lot of women/girls wear thongs. To them it may be more comfortable. I personally don't & my mom says I should when I wear my tight yoga pants because they show my underwear lining. I'm 15.

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    WHAT KIND OF MOM DO YOU HAVE?!?? wearing transparent clothing?! what a bad role model... sorry.

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    That mus be weird from your perspective. But remember she isnt just a mom, she has her own whole life. Would it bother you if it weren't your mom? Probably not, so try to cut her some slack.

    Source(s): If I have a kid someday I will still want to wear thongs.
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    nothing wrong with it as long as she feels comfortable wearing them, lots of girls/women wear them

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    She's a grown woman, she can wear whatever underwear she pleases.

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    i bet it makes her feel sexy, nothing wrong with that, don't be embarrassed, it's only naterul for every girl to want to look her best x

  • 1 decade ago

    It's just clothing.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That's her business not yours

    London Babe

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