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is my v6 mustang "lame" and i should add some deats to it?

i have a 2006 v6 mustang and most of the boys i know like to say how "lame" it is because its only a v6. helllllo im a girl, and am only 18 years old. its not like im going to go racing in it. everyone else tells me my car looks pretty dope, so if im not going to need the power of a v8, cut me some slack haha

heres a picture of my car.


do you think i should add a front scoop, window louvers and a chrome gas tank cover? i dont want stripes, but any other suggestions to make it look ill?

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    And you should care what clueless morons in highschool think why?

    I have a V6 too, and I have gotten heckled before, although it's usually either been kids hoofing it or morons driving really shitty/riced out cars,lol

    I think the car looks fine, and if you're not obsessed w/ power (for whatever reason) it's fine for you. But if you're so insecure about it you can do whatever you want, although unless you change the engine it's not really going to stop them. Although I've noticed a lot of people who complain about "V8 Mustangs Only" usually/obviously don't know much the cars' history. (or why it's still around)

    Source(s): owner 07 V6 & 1972 Mach 1
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    You have the Pony Package on your 06 their, that added the "coral" around the pony and the half size fog lamps. It adds to the V6 look but also SCREAMS V6 Mustang.

    If your just going for looks, the car is perfect as it is. You could put on GT style bumpers, put duel exhaust on it yadda yadda... But then you WILL get more hecklers. They won't be saying it's lame, they will be saying it's a Poser and a V8 wanna be. So for looks it's about as good as it will be.

    I have a 2004 V6 Mustang, and I went to the extent of putting a V6 Chrome badge on the rear because I was tired of seeing V6 mustangs trying to look like V8s. At least that way the GT Jerks have less to scoff at.

    If you want to suprise them, do a gear swap like I'm saving up to do. 4:10 gears, a limited slip diff, and that car will challenge a GT off the line. But you will loose quite a bit of fuel economy and the top end will be a lot lower.

    You have a beautiful Mustang, tell the morons to go screw themselves.

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    Don't waste your money on performance "looking" parts. I'm sure you have a nice car, and it gets better fuel mileage than the V8. Since you are not going to race it who cares if it is fast. While you're at is ask the boys in question what they drive. At the end of the day there is not much point in worrying about the car looking "dope". It gets you from here to there, that is all that counts.

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    No it does not hurt your car to rev you car, unless your oil pump is bad or push it over the red line. Al cars benefit from Air, Exhaust, Gas/fuel, Spark, Engine management(Chip). Another thing that will help performance, rear gears! I can tell you what I have used and you may like another brand, but this will get you going faster and probably better millage to!

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    if you dont want to race then dont do anything to it, cars with modified bodies imply that the owner wants to race, and look cheap if there isnt power to back it up. the kids are jealous because they drive POS imports that will rust out in 3 years

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    My wife has a 2011 V6 convertible that car is far from lame. You may look at some custom wheels but sometimes less is more.

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    I looked at the picture of your car and it is awesome! Don't worry about what others are saying, their just jealous! If you like your car the way it is then that's all that matters!

  • gary
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    1 decade ago

    Your v6 will outrun their little toy Hondas.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Buy a "V8" and a "GT" badge, stick it on your car, then glue the hood shut so nobody will know its a V6

  • 1 decade ago

    Add hello kitty stickers and seat covers.

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