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i need some help.....?

well it was a little while ago that i was done working with mom and she was all angry and mad for two things: me and the lady she worked with. first off i was doing the stairs until my mom got all mad and says that im doing it wrong. second she was told that she has to do perfect job of cleaning for no reason. now by the by we were done she was all mad and wanting me to stop working with her anymore (which i dont because i got some reasons that just made me think that i dont want to work with her anymore) and i was thinking i want to say sorry to her for what i did and that i want to help her again....i dont want to hurt the family, i just want to be helpful in any way. can any one give me some advice on just saying or show a way that i want to help my mom again? also, dont be mean.....all i need is help not seeing a dumb answer.

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    Ask her to teach you how it should be done. If you are willing to help her, she will have patience with you as she teaches you. You sound like a hard working person.

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