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What did I do for this girl to lose interest in me?

There's this girl I like. Last week I noticed she was sitting a table by herself. I approached her and asked her if I could sit down at her table. She smiled and said "Yea sure! It's ok" so I sat down. Her friend came by a little later.

I noticed when I was talking to her (the girl I like), she sat up straight, faced me and made kind of big nervous eyes and didn't smile unless I smiled first. When she talked, she would look at me with wide eyes and talk kind of fast too but she wasn't loud.

She did this while she was sitting with her friend (who is also a girl) at a table.

But the thing is, she doesn't reply to my emails within 2-3 days. I remember on October 15th, I sent her an email and she replied 10 days later on the 25th. Then I emailed her on November 19th and she got back with me on the 23rd. She also gave relatively short responses to the emails too.

I was emailing her from our school website. Our school has it where you can pick student's names off the roster to email them.

I checked to see if she has a Facebook, she doesn't have one.

I don't have her number yet either.

Although I did add her friend on Facebook. I've talked to her a couple times.

This girl and I first met on October 15th. She approached me as I was walking out of the bathroom and asked me if I was a guy who worked at an autozone in the area.

She talked to her friend more than me when the three of us were at the table but she still asked me questions.

To then today, I asked the girl if she wanted to exchange numbers and she was like "Oh you can email me." Then I asked her if she wanted mine in case and she yea "It doesn't matter" then I gave it to her. I just said "Yea I thought I would give it to you in case you wanted to give me a call or text me" and she was like "Oh definitely!"

We also continued to talk once I gave her my number. We talked about the Holidays and our majors and stuff.

I'm just glad I gave her my number because today was the last day of class.

There's people on here saying that she liked the look of me at first but she lost interest in me. I don't know what I did wrong.

I gave her space at first because she was talking to her friend all the time and I wanted to give her space.

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    I don't know, but I wouldn't worry about it. Life's too short. Besides there are 100's of girls out there, so go out and make friends and forget about this one.

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    Well, since it was the last day of class, you probably won't see her as often now.

    Since you gave her your number, I think you should wait to see if she texts or calls you.

    Or if she emails you first.

    If not, then she obviously is not interested. It may not be anything you did; it might just be her. Everyone is different, so there is no way that you can know what you did wrong unless you were to ask her, which would be pretty awkward. I say just wait it out and she might still be interested; if not, just move on.

    Hope this helps (:

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    Foolish boy! Don't you know that although students can contact each other on a school web site, all the script is monitored. Stop stalking her. You may not have done anything wrong. She is being kind and may either already have a boyfriend and has to sneak to respond to your texts (that may be why they are brief) or she may have mentioned your persistence to a family member who takes her phone away or turns it off when she is at home. It is quite possible she is not allowed to date or have gentleman callers.

    If she is already in a relationship. Let it pass. Whenever she is free, if she is that interested in you, she will call, text, email, or stop by to visit you at autozone.

    Move on!

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    Maybe she is seeing someone or she just isn't interested in dating anyone right now. If she is a nice person, of course she wouldnt tell you "no" to sitting next to her or emailing her.

    If you really like her, I would ask her to be up front with you and ask her if she likes you. The worst think that can happen is for her to say no. It's better to know than to be wondering all the time what is going on in her head.

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    You may not have done anything wrong. She may be super shy or she is letting you pursue her until she catches you. (It's a girl thing) She is just more comfortable with her longtime girlfriend than a short time acquaintance (you). Don't be a pest. Don't push but do stay in contact. Give her time to get to know you and be comfortable with you. Ask her out for a date. You will know soon enough if this is a relationship you want to go after. r

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    It's possible she doesn't have time or good access to the internet, hence the time space in email replies and the short replies.

    Also, you don't know much about her yet, so don't over analyze it right away. I would just try to keep in touch with her, chat, and flirt to let her know you are interested. I don't think she would've lost interest just yet, If she was interested from the start. She might just be more comfortable with you now :)

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    properly, it extremely relies upon on the female. yet we women have many temper modifications. She might desire to purely be in the state the place she sounds like she already gave you adequate tricks, hence she needs YOU to go after HER. SO, it is your turn to make the flow vast boy! ;p

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    Does it matter? The fact is, she lost interest. Get over it and move on.

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    How many times are you going to post this?

    Are you looking for one specific answer?. Then tell is what to say.

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    I have the PERFECT video for you. I found it on YouTube, and it may seem odd, but it has to work. I'm sure you'll love it! I do.


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