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Faxing on konica minolta bizhub c451?

How do I send a regular fax? I dont want it scanned to an email or computer or any of that crap. I just want to send a regular fax over the phone line? What buttons do I press?

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    Hit the Fax button, then hit Destinations, then Direct Input. Type in the phone number, then press start button.

    Note that not all C451s come with the fax option installed out of the factory. If you hit the fax button and nothing happens or you get a funny message, then you may have to buy that option and have the board installed.

    If your machine has a telephone cable coming out the back, then the fax option is already installed.

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    The one marked fax .Yours may not have the option installed.

    Source(s): Super G3 Fax option. Expand your bizhub C451 to all-in-one performance with Super G3 transmission/reception and high-volume facsimile features -- like 2,000-location address book, broadcasting, program dialing, PC faxing, in-bound fax routing and TSI routing, plus an optional 2nd phone line for increased fax input/output capacity.
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