Why do some people don't think as quick as others?

People would say the person is slow, but what is really going on in their head? Why does it take a longer time for a person to process a question or demand? Does it fall under as a personality in psychology or a minor disorder?

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    Sometimes it is a physical lack in the brain's neuron connections which can have several causes, such as a bad chemical environment at various critical brain development stages during childhood, infancy, or even in the womb.

    Other people seem slow only because they are weighing a multitude of seemingly equal responses - perhaps a wider range than the questioner considered. On occasion, this difficulty is caused by a lack of value discrimination - it is difficult for them to sort obviously inappropriate responses from a smaller list of more correct ones. The ranking process has been short circuited by the inability to tell the value of one thing over another. They must then resort to referring back to a consciously remembered and constructed set of rules for comparison purposes, which can be a tortuous process.

    Still other people are easily distracted, and find it difficult to focus on the task of processing the question at hand, and must forcefully haul their attention back from - "oh, look, a butterfly!" moments.

    That's generally referred to as ADD or attention deficit disorder. It used to be called absent mindedness. They are not less intelligent, they just have a lot on their minds.

    Some people find the task of thinking arduous and painful due to spending their time and energy on other parts of life, such as physical prowess. (jocks)

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    There are a number of sorts of intelligence. The sort you are referring to is best measured by the IQ test. Intelligence is determined by a number of factors, some are genetic ( if your parents are smart, you are likely to inherit their capacity). If your birth was difficult or you suffered illness as a baby your final intelligence might be effected. Others depend on how you were brought up or educated. If you were mistreated at home or not properly stimulated as a baby you may be slower or have problems using you intellect. Finally if your schooling was inadequate or you come from a culture where an open or questioning attitude is discouraged you may not be able to think problems through as easily.


    One method of measuring intelligence is the IQ test. 100 points is the average, more than 150 points makes you a genius. Less than 70 points means you officially have "learning difficulties. Half the population has an IQ of less than 100.


    The best way to improve your intelligence is to use it. The more interests you follow, the more you think about your world the more intelligent you will appear.

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    I guess people are just literally "wired" differently. I know that I think under certain kinds of pressure quicker than usual. For example, I was on the radio for a long time- never did I get flustered or confuse words or have to think about questions when on-air. Yet, in my everyday life, I always can't seem to find the words to say or make a decision on demand. It's weird, but that's just how people are. =/

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    Everyone has a different tend of thinking. Some may have disorders, while some just are not witful thinkers.

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  • It's just they way different people are.

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