mitsubishi endeavor electrical problems?

anyone have any experience with 2004 endeavor? Problems I have been having is the clock and radio both keep resetting every time car is shut off, the a/c turns on every time car is restarted, interior lights will not work, cannot lock car doors. checked battery and alternator both are good...any suggestions on what it could be?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    sounds to me like a relay switch is in the open position or have you tried to google your question IE

    Mitsubishi endeavor electrical problems see what comes up

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    Mitsubishi Endeavor Problems

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    I wouldnt think it's a ground or "earth" problem. I would first guess a short to positive. I would guess there are wires touching somewhere that should not be touching. Unfortunately, bringing it to a known good repair shop is a must at this point unless you have access to wiring diagrams. Your Service Engine Soon light will have nothing to do with this problem. I am certain of that. This light will only come on for emission related concerns(engine related). The reason these lights "dissapeared" is because you disconnected the battery. This "resets" all control module memory. If you're still concerned with ground points, most interior ground points on most cars are located either in the left or right lower kick panels. You'll have to remove a plastic cover to access them. Wish I could help you more...good luck.

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