How do they pick jurors for big deal trials?

For example there's a trial that just finished up that's breaking news all over the place and I know they wouldn't call me to be a juror that's for sure. How do they pick them?

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    Jurors are call from the voting registry; a judge will call a number of prospective jurors and then they will question the jurors. they will eliminate as per the rules or accept, once the 12 jurors are selected and the alternate jurors are secured, then the remaining pool will be excused. i hope that helped. -... ....

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    It is the same process as any jury selection.

    The only exception, if it is a well publicized trial that has been in the media, they will have a larger pool to select jurors from to eliminate those that have read or heard too much about it in the media.

    Juror are sent notices in the mail. Selected from Drivers License rolls only in the State of FL and most States.

    Source(s): FL Resident.
  • 4 years ago

    The Judge will make you be there under almost any circumstance. They say it should be an honor but it is an imposition on most people who need every dollar they are paid at their jobs. They should start a pool of willing jurists who have nothing better to do. There are plenty of them.

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    The same way they pick them for "small" deal trials.

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    all you need to be is uninformed and unbiased. you would be good

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