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can i lose weight this way, navy?

I am over weight and I am trying to join the military. I am taking next semester off of college to do it. I hav ea friend who said that he lost 60 pounds by working out 3 or 4 times a day and eating two MREs a day. Can this work?


I am currently working out and eating 3 decent sized meals and two snacks a day but i want to know if this oculd help

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    I believe you'll find that MREs are full of carbohydrates. If your metabolism isn't up that's going to fat. I was chatting with a guy back from the Middle East. Before he went in, he was a personal trainer. He said the secret to weight loss was, "Move more... eat less." Scrap the snacks. Cut back on the portions of those "decent-sized meals." Add another workout period a day. Make them about an hour and a half each. Make them HARD.

    I'd suggest you get up at 6:00AM. Walk for at least half a mile... HARD, FAST pace. If you're overweight, the last thing you want to do is run. You could destroy your knees, hips, and back. Walk to a gym. Work hard for about an hour. Start with a lot of aerobic stuff... and then move gradually... over a period of two or three weeks, to resistance stuff like weights and/or Nautilus-type equipment. If you can't do the weight, do a lot of reps. If you lift 50 pounds 20 times, it's the same weight as 200 pounds 5 times... or 1,000 pounds once. Then go grab a breakfast. You'll probably be too tired to eat much... and because your metabolism is up, you'll assimilate what you eat and it won't go to fat. Go home, read or some other light activity for a couple of hours, then do it again.

    I know an old guy who went from about 270 in May down to 205 by early September. He got up about 15 minutes before the fitness center opened, "push walked" about half a mile to the center, worked out for about an hour, had a light breakfast, read or worked on the computer for an hour or so, then walked about a block to the pool where he got up to 2K in an hour. He'd then drink a regular food supplement drink (250 calories). Then he'd lie around the pool for most of the rest of the day. Every hour the pool chased the kids out for "adult swim" for 15 minutes. He'd hop in and knock out between 200 and 500... depending on how he felt during each of those The weight didn't come off in a straight line... it had plateaus. That's because the fat was being replaced by muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. When he hit a plateau, he weighed himself once a week so as not to be discouraged. There was still a net loss, but it wasn't a pound or two a day. In the evening he'd usually eat just a green salad... maybe with some carrots or celery or couple slices of tomato. Occasionally he'd splurge and have fish or chicken, or steak, but not often. He also took a multi-vitamin tablet each day. By the end of the summer he was lean and tanned. His doctor was amazed. His blood pressure dropped to normal. His resting pulse was at about 60. And, by then, he could run a little without injuring himself.

    BUT... If you quit working out (just for a break), or if you binge on pizza or chocolate (to reward yourself)... it's not going to work. It takes a long time for your body to realize this isn't just a phase you're going through... that it's the way it's going to be from now on. Once it's made that adjustment... however long it takes... then an occasional slice of pizza (you won't be interested in eating the whole thing like you used to) isn't going to hurt you. Your body's going to think, "I'm going to need this in a few minutes," and it'll metabolize it.

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    If you want to lose weight, you need to make changes in your lifestyle. If you are eating three full meals a day plus two snacks, you are taking in too many calories for the sedentary lifestyle of a student. What you need to do is to reduce the caloric intake and up the amount of time you work out. You can work out 5 to 8 times a day, but if you do not have a calorie burning workout it doesn't matter. The rule of thumb is you need to have at mix of an aerobic and a an anaerobic workout. You need to change your workout so you work out at a minimum o f30 minutes each time you work out. That is 30 minutes in the weight room or gym, and 30 minutes on the track. If you make your workout so that you work out and sweat steadily for 30 minutes, you can average a loss of one pound a day until you get to about your maximum recommended weight and then it will slow down a bit until you get to your ideal weight. That is based on a workout rate of 6 work out days a week, three aerobic and three anaerobic. So do something like M-W-F gym workout; Tues-Thurs-Sat you run for 30 minutes and take Sunday off. If you work out more, you accelerate the rate of loss, until you get to your recommended weight. Just so you know, an MRE has a higher amount of calories, they are designed to power up calories per meal. So in fact, two MREs is a little under the recommended amount of calories a day for a sedentary lifestyle. The key is to regulate your intake and your exercise. Bottom line: Eat a good breakfast, oatmeal sweetened with honey and a piece of fruit. A light lunch and a larger supper, or a larger lunch with a light supper and cut out the two snacks. Workout with a hard sweating exercise program 30 to 45 minutes each day and you will lose weight. But seriously, there really is no reason or need to have to lay out a semester to accomplish this.

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    Probably. How much do you weigh? Max weight for army at 17 is 170 pounds at a height of 5'8". I was 200. Here is what I did... Green tea, ride a bike daily for 30-50 miles and grapefruit. Oh, I cut back significantly on sweets and red meat. But exercise is key. You can use green tea tablets. I had some success with those.

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    man go to pt stop eating fast food eat healthy stuff and you will be good run in a sweater or a hoodie just sweat alot and do this every day try to run a mile a day if you cant fully run it walk/run try to do 100 crunches in 2 mins u should work yourself up too atleast 50 in 2 min and pull ups im going into the Marines this is what i do but i have up everything so im at top of my game now but i was also a chubby guy so dont knock it dont give up i was 235 when i started im now 185 and dropping faster stronger better devil dog work out

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    Burn more calories than you consume. If three or four PT sessions a day helps you do it, go for it. Don't know why you'd want to eat two MREs a day ... they are high in calories and the constipation alone will add at least eight pounds by the end of the month.

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    Change your eating habits. 5-6 small meals a day, more water, no sodas, cut cown on dairy and pasta. "The South Beach Diet," is not only good for you but healps retrain your body to process food faster.

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    Exercise each day is more effective than weekend workouts

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    Mixing up your exercise routine

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    dont eat with a large group

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