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Should repeat speeding drivers that caused 3 and more crashes at least get the same treatment as a "DUI"?

Like as is causing crashes and injuring people. But get stopped with 3 beer cans rolling around in the back of a pick-up truck, and test .08 off to jail you go. The pick-up guy goes to jail because he MAY do what the speeding driver DID do. The speeder, just gets a $ fine.


I said .08, not drooling drunk falling out of the truck.

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    I have seen .08 falling down drunk and .30 looking pretty good.

    Speeding is a petty offense while a DUI is a criminal offense.

    Speed is not a leading contributing cause of crashes - it is a factor it the severity of them.

    Give (let alone finding) someone that you could attribute to causing 3 crashes would e hard if not imposable. I say punish them for what they are - if you cause three crashes - you should be suspended or revoked - not jailed.

    Source(s): ME LEO 26 yrs Crash Reconstructionist
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    I will not try to defend the drunk drivers, but you are right. Habitual speeders who cause accidents should be treated just like the DUIs. I would take it one step further than you did. If the speeder causes one accident and has 2 previous speeding convictions on his license he should get the book thrown at him, (or her).

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