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Why wont my parakeet let me hold her?

She always climbs on the side of the cage when I put my hand in her cage to try to get her out. She won't let me get her out so she can fly. The pet shop that I got her from said that I should let her play in water from time to time, but she won't let me get her out.

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    If you clip her wings she will become more dependent on you. Getting her out is simple. Just use a soft washcloth or hand towel if you're afraid of her bite. You can look online and see where to clip the wings. You only need to clip about 4 on either side and let them grow back out if you want after she is totally tame to you. I personally hate to clip my birds wings, but I know how much trouble they can get in to if they aren't clipped. If they get outside they get lost easily and unless you get their cage out really quickly for them to come back to, you will probably never see them again.

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    I have two birds of my own so I have a little experience. It's pretty normal behavior. Just keep trying to gently hold him on your finger every day. Soon he will get the idea. Spend time with him/her and even just stand beside it's cage talking to it like "Your a cute birdie! Yes you are!" In small whispers. Also he could have flown away from a home near by so put an add in the paper. Recently my baby budgie flew away and it still makes me cry to think about him... Anyway he will probably feel more comfortable in about a week. Good luck ~D

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    If she's from a pet store, she isn't tame. It's best to get a hand fed baby from a breeder. But, since you already have her, you can try to tame her. Stay around her cage a lot, talk softly and nicely to her, give her treats through the cage, and try to stroke her.

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    she is scared,have you been talking to her,praising her,getting to know,it takes time,what keet you have,ringneck,budgie,cockatiel,one of others,all keets or any parrot type or parrot will need time,what you accomplish with it is yours to accept,not the keet,work with the bird,do NOT think it is just going to be yours just because it lives with you,all seven i am bonded with took love and time,put fourth both and let real Life with a very special bird begin,never lie,break a promis,thats the hard part,

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