Somebody must know a cure for the common cold?

I went 12 years without a cold, then I got whooping cough, which lasts 3 months. Since then I catch a cold real easy, the last one I caught, before this one, was a 3 month cold, and some people had it for 4 1/2 months, that was going around. Now I went up north for thanksgiving and got chilled in my bones for days, it was so cold, and I caught another. What could my body need to not catch these colds and get rid of this one??? I can't take cold medecine, has to be something natural. Thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1)GSE (grapefruit seed extract)

    2)colloidal silver

    3)willow bark for pain

  • Ezven
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    1 decade ago

    No cure for the common cold. Best thing is try to prevent it, or make it less severe.

    Exercise, eat lots of fruit, vitamin C, stay hydrated. This will help prevent it by increasing the immune system.

    If you catch it drink lots of warm drinks such as tea (easier on body and throat, and increase blood circulation), rest as much as possible as early on as possible (don't get stressed or strain yourself physically/mentally/emotionally) and stay hydrated- this will help it not to linger. Be happy, positive, and watch a funny movie every day or something that cheers you up- people with happy/positive mind frame have fewer and shorter colds than those who don't.

    People with poor physical and mental health are more likely to catch it and linger.

    Source(s): Life Science 2010 university course lecture/book
  • There is no cure---just relief, such like nasal sprays, vicks, etc.etc. It is best to ride the cold out and not to suppress it because once you got over it you'll be able to beat the next one better....

  • David
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    1 decade ago

    there is no cure. you didn,t get a Tdap shot. sounds like your immune system is compromised. i had whooping cough for two weeks as a kid. three months? seems rather long.

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