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How should I wear my hair on this occasion?

I'm going to the play "A Christmas Carol" with my school and we are expected to look "fancy". How could I put my hair for this "fancy" occasion? I really like loose curls, but I believe the barrel on my curling iron is too small to get loose curls. Anyone suggestions on how I should wear my hair?

Oh, by the way, we are also going out to a restaurant after we go see the play, and my English teacher said that whoever dresses the nicest out of their gender, (1 boy, 1 girl), then she'll pay for both their meals. I'm unsure whether she actually means this, but she seems pretty serious to me. Though, is might just be an incentive to get us to dress nicely, haha!

Thank you so much!

God Bless <3

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    I attached some links for some classy hairstyle ideas. You could pretty much do anything with your hair and add a couple of curls to make it nicer. You could use one of the following ideas:

    1.)Pull it into a low bun, with some pretty earrings, like Reese Witherspoon:

    2.)Accessorize like Paris Hilton did with the headband in this picture:

    3.)Twist some back on the side like Natalie Portman did in this picture:

    I hope some of these give you an idea! I personally feel like jewelry plays a big role in how classy you look. So, I would try to wear some simple or elegant jewelry along with your hairdo. I hope that helps! Good luck and have fun!

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    Well if you have to be fancy how `bout a cute bun? And even small curls are pretty, and they work with going out to a restaurant. Good luck!

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    in line with possibility you need to attempt the hump its truly khute pin it up interior the middle to the place its like a SMALL hill sorta and then leave the perimeters out in curls uf you dnt like that then in line with possibility you need to objective to leave you hair obtainable alotyou can do on your hair if its curly severe ponytail its severe trend in some procedures in the adventure that your hair is black and it must be completely pulled back and mushy interior the front with truly curly areas interior the back

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    u could do it hair in a bun that's fancy but it's not to over board

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    That's a difficult question as we can't see you or your hair.

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