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is there a posibility i am pregnant?

Hi (: i have been having sexual intercourse with no protection because we are trying to conceive.i got my last period which was on da 25th of november i had it for 5 days.this week on tuesday i had spotting for just that day.i have been feeling symtoms of pregnancy but i have no i dea for how mistake i did not keep up all i know is that i have been aware after my period.these are my symtoms.i have taken 3 pregnancy test all before the spotting and all were negative.



-soft cramps on ovaries(once in a blue moon sharp)

-constipation sometimes(feel like i need to go but i cant and sometimes it comes right out.tmi i know)

-mood swings

-peeing alot more frequently

-Tired somedays and some days very energetic

-Night owl.lately been falling asleep at 9,taking some naps too during the day

-watery nose(not all the times)

-very little appetite

-Thirsty alot of the time


-stomach noises and pressure

under belly button and on the sides of my hips.

-recently yesterday started experiencing backache


im asking because i dont want to say i am than i am not and will be disapointed i wana see peoples opinions.and it would help alot if somebody that is pregnant can tell me their symtoms.

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    you know when u wrote your question that there is a huge possiblility that you are pregnant, go get a test

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