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Annie asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 1 decade ago

Which is worse for you; brown sugar or calorie free artificial sweetener?

Which is worse for you; brown sugar or calorie free artificial sweetener?

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    Calorie free artificial sweetener is like plastic, it seems good but contains all kinds of chemicals that could for example, give you cancer, screw your kidneys, or give you autism. That in exchange for shaving a few calories off? Not worth the risk.

    @David: Yeah... my opinion on chemical has been drilled into me actually by my parents... You know with all those health things like the rising percentage of autism and stuff... Anyways thanks for your take on this.

    I'm pretty sure that I've heard of a natural no calorie sweetener so I looked it up and found:

    Hope this helps.

  • tupaj
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    4 years ago

    there have been various examine linking man made sweeteners to an important advance on your possibilities of fixing into obese. this is genuine of weight loss plan sodas notably. the factor is, they trick your mouth yet no longer your strategies. After ingesting some thing that's artificially sweetened, your strategies expects the sugar reward that for the period of no way comes, after which you're pushed to eat some thing else. they are additionally hell on your liver. decreased fat ingredients are no longer any extra healthy than common, as they virtually constantly make up for the shortcoming of fat in greater sugar, which spikes your blood sugar, then crashes and makes you hungry and drained. the only factor on your record that looks healthful is "no sugar extra". With each thing else, you're extra beneficial off paying for primary, healthful stuff (by way of healthful I advise minimally processed and not super extreme in the two fat or sugar or man made sugar) and observing factor sizes.

  • Anonymous
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    calorie free artificial sweetener x

  • David
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    1 decade ago

    depends on the quantity of either one. i use a lot of artificial sweetener. if it has anything but internet myth bred side effects, i,ve never seem them. used it for over 40 years. brown sugar is also very tasty in small amounts. plays hell with your glucose levels if consumed in quantity.

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