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Geography assignment! Help!?

Ok, so I have this geography assignment and we have to develop a new food product for the canadian consumer and I have no idea what to make!! It can't have any orange food products, or any fruit at that or nuts, or cinnamin. It has to have 4 products from Canada. I wanna do something sweet! Any suggestions? ....

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    Canadian Dessert Bar

    Butter, Sugar, Canadian Unsweetened Cocoa, eggs, vanilla, Canadian Graham Crackers, Canadian Walnuts, Canadian Coconut

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    Some places in Canada are warm enough to grow nectarines. (NO FRUIT??)

    They grow sugar beets, so you can make sugar.

    They grow cereals, and wheat (i.e. bread, buns, pastries, cookies)

    They have dairy products like milk, butter, and cheese, so you could make ice cream, or yogurt; also beef.

    They have fish and other seafood. (Chowder . . .)

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