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How did he make it to the 10th grade?

There's this boy in my class and recently we had to partner up for a writing assignment. We had to read this paper and write down some answers. I was reading the paper and got tired of reading so I asked him did he want to read and he says "no I cant read english" Thinking he as being sarcastic, I kept reading anyway. So after I finished reading I started answering some questions and I noticed that he wasnt writing so I told him that maybe he should write the answers down and he says he cannot write english either. So I looked at him like? Then im like what do you mean you cannot read or write english? how do you do your hoework and do tests? I'm Just realy confused because he didnt answer my questions and I knew he was serious because his notebook was completely empty and he doesnt do his homework anyway. He also sleeps throughout the class..I didnt wanna ask the teacher how is he in 10th grade if he cannot read or write english because I thought that it would be rude to ask...but im confused........HOW IS HE IN 10TH GRADE ?!

and yes...hes mexican but still.

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    Well, his teachers are lazy, and don't have the heart and will to help him learn. They just pass him on grade by grade to the next teacher or group of teachers. Maybe, you could help him. His life would improve and you would become an even better person for doing it. :)

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    Is he an exchange student? Or did he just move to America? Just because someone doesn't read or write english doesn't mean they should go back to Kindergarten, he is obviously smart since he can speak english fluently enough that you thought he was kidding about not being able to read and write it. He is probably in ESL so he can learn to read and write, that is the entire point of the program. Most likely he goes to another room to take tests where someone reads the questions and he answers them, then they write the answers for him (at least that is what should be happening).

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    Maybe it's because he just came to America. when someone comes from a different country the government puts them in grade, like if they're 16 hey'll be put into junior year. It depends on how old they are. they don't have to no anything, that's why there is Esol classes [English for speakers of other languages]. i hope this helped you.

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    -Your guess is as good as Mine. But I wouldn't worry about it too much. Judging from your Description, there's no way He's ever gonna Graduate High school- anyway. :(

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    can you read and write in spanish?

    did he always go to american schools?

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