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Sexual Abuse or Normal?

Has our father sexually abused my sisters and I?

My dad is what you call "not a good guy".... He was ALWAYS emotionally abusive and often physically as well. I havent seen him in a couple years but I need to know if the things he used to do me; us.. are normal fatherly things or did he sexually abuse us?

- Me or my sisters and dad would sit on the couch and he would put his hand on the very inside of our thigh - his hand resting against our genitals..... we would push his hand up, away from there and he would immedietly slide it back down to the same spot.


- I remember one christmas, it was only him and I and we played the pajama game where he would forcfully remove ALL my clothes and I would run upstairs and quickly put clothes on.. this continued until every piece of clothing i owned had been removed from my body.

- He always told me that parents arent supposed to have favorites, but I was his favorite... that scared the crap out of me.

These are just a few of the (used to be) regularly occuring things that happened in my young years of childhood.

I am only 14 now but I am start enough to know that to not have bad things happen to you dont go to the place where they happen. beside s all the othe bad stuff he did, did he sexually abuse us too?


He also tries to make us kiss him on the lips.

My mom doesnt know about anything... he was an every other weekend dad but I wouldnt go. I would get "sick" or ball my eyes out everytime i was forced to go to his house and cry the whole time. Finally after calling me crazy for long enough he said I needed therapy. Angrily (because she knew my dad needed the therapy) my ma took me and the lady asked why I wouldnt go and I said I just didnt like it - I missed my ma.

I dont have the guts to tell anyone about anything.. just me and my sisters know.

One time my sister sassed him and he picked her by the throat and threw her against the wall... he then brainwashed her into thinking she deserved it.. I'm the only individual with a mind of their own in this situation...

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    If your questioning this then you already know that he was sexually abusing you. You need to talk to someone about this, maybe you mom or school councelor. Do not keep this to yourself!! My uncle did the same thing when I was younger, and if you think since your older it won't happen anymore or ignore it, your wrong. I did that and when I was 16 it almost happened again. Thankfully for me he's in prison now and won't ever do it again, but I wish I would have told someone. This is something that will eat at you forever until you talk to someone. Plus you don't want this to happen anymore do you?? If you tell authorities they'll make sure that if you ever see him again it will be supervised, or he won't be able to see you at all. I know he's your father, but do you want someone like that in your life?? I hope I've been able to help in some way.

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    Hi sweetie, yes that's considered sexual and verbal abuse as well. Fathers are not suppose to comment on there daughters boob size nor should they put there hands on your crotch. It's also possible that other things happened and your repressing them for now. I am a male and survivor of sexual abuse and I am very sorry this had to happen to you. If you need someone to chat too feel free to click on my profile and contact me. Therapy would be good for you and your sister and you really should find the courage to tell your mother.

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    You are right to be concerned about things that make you uncomfortable.

    If you have an adult you trust, a teacher or a medical person or even an 800# help line like CONTACT -check your phone book perhaps, this might be a good person to tell.


    Some people are sick and as much as we might care about them, we do not have the power to help them. They are the only ones who can help themselves. They can use lots of sneaky strategies to get people to do what they want-like flattery...

    A trusted healthy adult can help you and your sisters get to a safe place.

    Keeping this stuff secret helps the sick person stay sick and hurts the kids.

    I hope you ask for and accept help. There is a way to grow up and have a happy, healthy life.

    Please do not spend time thinking you caused this or you have guilt about not saying something sooner; we all accept help when we are ready for it. Things take time. It sounds like your time is now.

    I will be sending good thoughts to you.

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    Yeah. It's not totally obvious, and I can see why you need clarification, but he did molest you. Have you talked to your mom about this? She may be able to get you and your sister some help, and maybe do something legal. I'm not sure how the legal thing would work though. He needs to be put away.

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    You NEED to tell someone! my dad sexualy assulted me and after a few years i had the courage to tell someone!!!! Im 15 and now in foser care and its alot better then being abused by my dad. And ignore those he give the stupid sly coments. Good luck hon!

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    It sounds like abuse to me, one thing for sure, its totally NOT acceptable behaviour from a father. Please seek help and talk to someone about this as more may have happened to you that you have repressed to protect yourself. Keep away from this man and stay strong!

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    my god.. Tht is awful!! I dunno if tht counts as a sexual abuse.. But it definitely is creepy nd very abnormal.. Nothing like a normal dad wud do. I wud suggest u to keep away frm him in the future..

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    omg i hope your ok that horrible that IS totally sexual abuse im sorry for your troubles

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    That's sexual abuse and you should do something about it

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    please tell some one your mum or some member of your family

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