Why does he act weird now? hellppp!?

so i just recently told this guy who i like tht i like him and he likes me allott. before i told him we were rele good friends he wuld always talk to me and laugh and stuff but now its RELE awkward. he keeps flirting with this girl right infront of me and he wont make ANY eyecontact. its super annoyinga nd i wish we culd go back to the way we were. what shuld i do???

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    Now there is pressure and expectations. Even simple guestures have 'hidden' content, so he is probably handling the pressure badly. Gently confront him about it. It will only get weirder if you both pretend it doesn't exist.

    It is possible he is afraid of inimacy, and that is usually insecurity, so try not to make him feel cornered or insecure when you confront him.

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    He's immature. He likes you, you like him, it's all out in the open and now he doesn't know what to do next so he's acting aloof.

    You should ask him to be your bf if you like him, and then make it clear that you don't dig him flirting with other chicks ;oP

    Good luck!

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    tell him your sorry and you want things to go back to the way they were before you told him and tell him not to think about it and to act as himself again. somethings a long those lines. you just gotta be honest with him.

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    let time take care of it

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