I have had insomnia for a few months now..?

I want to know what people do when they have constant insomnia?? If you can only get decent sleep with pills. I have had problems with falling asleep, staying asleep just hours of lying there tired but cannot fall asleep. My doc tested for a few things, everything is normal. I took ambien for about 10 days, then she wont give me anymore. I understand they are addictive, so I have to wonder how the people talk about being on some kind of rx for sleeping for extended amounts of time? My doc wont give me anymore and I asked if I could try Lunesta since I read that is was either not addictive or less so and she wouldn't. I don't know what to do. I don't want to be on sleeping pills, but if that's what it takes to sleep right now I will. My doc told me to take melatonin so I am but it doesn't address my problem. Its not that Im not tired, I just have lots of trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Ill get an hour or two initially then it has taken me hours and hours to then get another two maybe 3 hours (if Im lucky). What do people do when they have long periods of insomnia?? Ive never had this bad a sleeping problem in my life and I don't know what to do anymore..

p.s. I am taking buspirone for anxiety at the moment, which seems to be helping in that department. Im not feeling so stressed now but I am stressed about sleeping!

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  • Dr D
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    I really don't understand why your doctor tried ambien if she wasn't planning on giving you more. It just doesn't make sense... Have you tried cutting out all caffeine? Try taking up to 10mg of melatonin on two benadryls and see if that works.

    Another prescription only option would be trazadone. It works great for most people, its not a sleeping pill, but its used for sleeping. Try asking for it.

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