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Easy come, easy go?Whats it mean?

Lol I know what it is Im just haviing a difficult time grasping it.

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    Haha well in my opinion When you dont work hard to get or earn something and you just recieve it seems to leave easily as well like a person who recieves free money will usually spend it quicker than a person who might have worked hard for that money, i personally believe the same goes with relationships because it should not be as easy as 1 2 3 to get into a relationship you should have to build from mistakes and grow together or else it is alot easier to fall away from each other.

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    Just that anything that is easy for you to get is also easy for you to lose. Like if you win $50 on a lottery ticket then spend the $50 on more tickets but don't get any winners so you lose the $50 you just gained.

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    It means that if you don't work hard for something, then you are unlikely to value it.

    For example, if you work very hard for your money, then you will probably save it and spend it properly because you understand how much it is worth. But if someone just gives you a bunch of money then you may not know the value of it and you will spend it thoughtlessly on stupid things.

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    Basically, it means just what it says.

    If means something comes into your life with little or no effort on your part. That something enters your life with ease and with no trouble, doesn't cause any problems, etc. The "something" is easy to deal with and trouble-free.

    Then, that "something" can leave your life with the same ease with which it entered.

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    Things that come easily can leave easily.

    Take women for example (no sexism!): they can come into your life easily, but then they can leave just as easily.

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    Whatever you get without using energy, will leave easily.

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