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tarot reading lessons :D!?

i want to learn how to tarot read and i was wondering if anyone new how i could learn

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    I really wanted to learn how to read tarot after having a professional reading and feeling unsatisfied with the fact that I couldn't really verify anything as I didn't even know the basic meanings of the cards. I ended up getting the rider waite deck and a couple of books. I recommend 78 degrees of wisdom - great book. The internet is an awesome way to learn all the basics as well - the rest is just practice and not giving up, you always learn something new, it's very fascinating.... I started practicing readings on my friends and they were very accurate. I continue to have high interest in tarot studies. This is a great website that has a forum - you can get feedback on your readings, card combinations and meanings... there's so much to learn, it's exciting! Have fun.

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    if you do yourself a couple of online versions you will learn buy observing and you can get the meanings at biddy

    As for learning how to tarot read, (here it has a bunch of options but the 2 person burning question thing will work the biddy tarot.

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