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How to get rid of cold sores in the corner of my mouth?

I have cold sores at the corner of my mouth. It's darker than my skin color, so it's really noticable. At times, it randomly gets red and something would build up in the corners. I've always had bad skin conditions.

There is this raised lump at the corner as well, and that part often gets red or brownish, and it is REALLY embarrassing. And I'm 13, it's winter time, here in New York, so it's really cold.

Also, what are some moisturizer for the lips that I can use for the dry, cracked corners of my lips? I currently use vaseline, and I use it often.

The corners are dark, dry, at times I would feel like I'm drooling through it, and there are like three noticable lines there. I doubt that it would ever go away because I've had it since I was very small. But is there a good way to cure it?

HELP PLEASE! I know I've asked this question just before, but I need more effective answers!

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    If it is truly a cold sore there is no permanent cure as it is a virus that is in your body forever. It is a herpes virus. However there is an almost miracle prevention for cold sores that I have found. For me I can feel a cold sore coming on before it erupts into a big red cold sore on my lip. There is a tingling feeling that comes prior to the physical cold sore. As soon as I feel it I take 3-4 lysine tablets. Lysine is a vitamin that can be purchased at most stores. I don't know the science behind it but if you look up lysine and cold sores in a search engine you can read about it. I take 3-4 a day until I know for sure it is not coming. It works amazing. There is also topical lysine gel you can put on a cold sore but everyone says attack it from the inside by taking the lysine pills. Try it - it works.

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    As some people say, it's not a "virus" that you should be ashamed of. I get cold sores, I have since I was born. My mom also gets them. There are stages. First you get it, it may look like a pimple, then it gets scabby and red. Then it'll heal, the scab will go away and it's gone. Make sure you don't scratch at it when you have them. I have a scar on my cheek from when I scratch at it as a little, little kid.

    Use Abreva and use chapstick or Blistix for chapped lips. Abreva is good for taking care of cold sores.

    Sadly, you will never stop getting cold sores. Make sure you get enough sleep and take care not to get sick. Those can give you cold sores. As can stress. If you feel a cold sore coming on, take asprin and rub on Abreava. It's all you really can do.

    Don't worry about it being ugly. If a person can't accept you when you have cold sores, then they aren't the right people to be around.

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    I can relate, I get cold sores all the time too - especially in the winter.

    The trick is to catch them at the "tingly" stage. If you can either get some Abreva on it then or even just some simple toothpaste, you might stop it from breaking out.

    As far as what to avoid, I've found putting any type of lip balm or anything else on them only makes matters worse. I once read that putting honey on it helps - it didn't. It was awful. I always try to dry it out.

    Stress is a huge part of cold sores so to prevent them, try to reduce your stress. Change your toothbrush regularly and get lots of vitamin C.

    Hope that helps.

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    Use The Canker Spanker it's a pharmacist recommended remedy for healing and preventing both cankers and cold sores. I've been using it for about a year and haven't had a new canker or cold sore since, it works super fast. Anyway, look them up online.

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    i used to get em sometimes. i would do the lysine pills. that didnt always work, but then i heard that if you eat yogurt when u feel a cold sore coming on, it will stop it. So everytime i get the tingly feeling, i eat ALOT of yogurt along with the pills, and it works!!! try it. i think it has to be the plain yogurt. im not sure, you can look it up.

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