Will the Military be able to tell I have shin splints? How do I get rid of these things!?

I get REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bad shin splints to where I look like a dumb *** walking side ways to my car after the gym. They don't seem to wanna go away I've been working out pretty much everyday for 2 weeks to prepare for basic. I am just wondering when I go to MEPS (army physical) will they tell I have them? How can I get rid of these things I'm 19 and they hurt so bad I wanna bang my head into a wall until I pass out so that I don't feel them anymore lol.

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  • 4 years ago

    As an flow u . s . a . runner i know how shin splints experience. no longer relaxing in any respect. Shin splints are simply by three issues. vulnerable calf muscle mass and rolling in on the ft are 2 of the main effectual motives. So first merely be useful that your shoes have stable stable arch helps. you additionally can evaluate getting some custom made ones. 2nd there are various excercises you're able to do to alleviate and stop them(maximum I nevertheless do). One is stair steps. placed your feet on the sting of your stairs and strengthen them up slowly and backpedal. You do it on the two ft and then on your ideal foot then left foot. yet another exercising is pivoting the foot on the ankle and hint the abcs which comprise your vast toe. That one i detect works nicely. additionally in many cases factor and flex your ft. additionally attempt putting a marble on the floor and picking it up which comprise your feet. yet fairly the super ingredient is resting your shins for a stable 3 weeks. And slowly ease lower back into working. be useful to stretch after and ice your shins! Ibprofen facilitates the swelling besides. stable luck!

  • Kat
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    1 decade ago

    Rest,plenty of rest. If MEPS doesn't find out. They will find the first time you have to PT/run and you cant finish the course. They will find out when they do an Xray and then they will discharge you. Shin Splints may be a sign of a underline illness such as diabetes.

    Source(s): Navy Wife
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