What is called refrigerator water pipeline extension?

I bought a new 3 door (french door) refrigerator. By default refrigerator will come with certain length pipe to connect water outlet. My refrigerator will fits in between walls, So I can not pull the refrigerator to clean back of that. So I am looking for the extension for the pipeline. So I pull easily refrigerator to clean backside. What is called that extension pipe line?

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    Normally it is called 1/4 inch water line or tubing. It comes in copper, but better is the clear plastic tubing. They come in 25 foot length, so you can cut it down to a shorter size if that helps you.

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    If you go to the store where you bought the refrigerator or any local appliance store, you can get another replacement water line. you may be able to get a longer one. If not just get another water line and a union fitting to connect them together. either way you will end up with a longer water line.

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