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does our beauty fall under the catagorey of mating,as a species?

Just wondering if we just have this as an elaborate mating skill

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    Well yes if everyone looked like &hit then who would want to go out with them, im sure some people date people bbut even those people wouldent date a person ifthey where ugly like this:

    No offense its just reality ;]

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    Yes it does, just like the male birds of paradise attempt to attract mates with elaborate dancing, rituals, mating calls, and their beauty so do people.

    If you like a person and knew they would be somewhere like a party you would probably do things to make yourself seem more attractive, eg. putting n make up or doing your hair.

    Even if you had no intention of meeting with someone (going to a club or a bar) you will probably still dress nicely, do hair, et cetera.

    So in short our image of beuty is directly linked and would most definatly fall under the category of mating as a species.

    I hope this has helped :)

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    absolutely. most people make themselves up to catch attention or be appealing to other people. if it wasn't for attraction and the want to be noticed or complimented, what would be the point of make-up, perfume, even doing our hair or showering.

    Source(s): professor mentioned this once upon a time in a pyschology class in college.
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