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Why do muslims always assume you are a christian or some other religion when you question theirs?

Muslims I do not believe in any book or mythical logic like you and other religious people do. It's funny how you people justify your violent religion by trying to take a stab at the christians and say if they did it why can't we and then say i'm a hypocrite (assuming i'm christian). All religious people are just modern day cave people and nothing more. All religious responses make me laugh so hard my eyes are tearing and my stomach hurts from all the laughter. The best religious people can do is come up with ancient quotes made by people smarter than them from thousands of years ago. The only things muslims have proven so far as that they are a lower belief system than the christians. Congrats Christians at least you have someone to look down upon.

Lets try this again: Muslims why do you lie and deny your religion is violent? The facts prove otherwise. What do you have to say for yourselves?

-Try answering without ancient quote's from a story book.

-Try not to use the monkey see monkey do theme.

Thank You.

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    "Muslims why do you lie and deny your religion is violent?"

    "-Try answering without ancient quote's from a story book."

    Since the Holy Quran makes my religion I can only answer from it. Muslims do not dictate Islam, God does.

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    Because Muslims have been taught to believe that everyone in North America and Europe are Christian and that they are Christian nations, when this is no longer the case.

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    I would also assume that you're a Christian because you have church as an avatar.

    Look at my avatar; it's a painting of a man screaming, which suggests that I'm definitely not a Christian. My name is "atheist" written with foreign alphabets that resemble the corresponding letters in Roman, which is a dead give away about my beliefs.

    If you don't want me to assume you're a Christian, change your avatar to something other than a church.

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    The majority of people on this site are either nominally Christian, or from a society which is predominantly Christian. Sort of like we assume anyone from Iran is Muslim - most of them are, but not all.

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    Islam is not violent, religion in general is.

    Jews kill Palestinians (Muslims) daily

    Christians hide behind bibles daily

    Catholic priests rape children (don't deny this please it's all over the news and your own pope acknowledges this happens all the time)

    Hindus had feuds with Muslims in the past

    and Jews have notoriously been at war since the inception of their religion

    so honestly i have no clue what you are talking about because every religion has their violent extremists, it just so happens that Islam is the largest growing religion in the world which is why you have more "fanatics"

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    the guy who i presumed stood the suited danger of operating the country. no one is exactly similar, and there is a minimum of one aspect that can make one stand out because the more desirable suited candidate than the different. human beings lie about their non secular beliefs in political campaigns besides, so I except they attempt to legislate those beliefs, i do not vote in accordance to them.

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    I'm not a Muslim but if you look back through Christian faith the Christian Crusades/Holy Wars you will find that they were just as violent.

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    Its very simple, you have base your reason & Judgements on 9/11 or such similar acts , now teel us Who Bombed Hiroshima & Nagasaki??? who killed millions of innocent peasents in Vietnam & Laos? Who Faught two world wars killing billions of innocent civilians ? whose forcing are still Bombing Innocent civilians of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine , Kashmir ????

    How dare you call muslims Terrorist??? have you ever watched yourself in mirror???

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    The quotes from their book you say don't quote tells them to kill all infidels.

  • Islam does not encourage violence nor does it say to kill infidels. Why don't you want us to quote?? Is it because it'll prove you wrong?

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