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my bunnies are going cannibal?!?!?!?

i have 3 rabbits and one is attacking the others by ripping their fur out, and trying to bite their faces. is it possible the one doing the attacking is pregnant?

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    Intact rabbits begin to fight when they reach maturity and can only rarely be housed together. Your rabbits need to be housed separately unless and until they are all spayed or neutered, and then gradually and carefully re-introduced. The fighting will only worsen, and one or more will end up seriously injured. Intact rabbits are highly territorial in captive situations as their space is limited and they feel the need to defend what they perceive to be theirs. .

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    Calm down, they aren't attacking each other. If they are

    mates, and pregnant, then this is perfectly normal. They

    are ripping out the fur to make a nest for the new coming

    babies. Separate them even if they aren't pregnant. This

    same exact thing happened to me. I left on Friday, had to

    separate my rabbits because they were screaming and

    hurting each other, then came back on Monday to find five

    little babies. : ) Get hem spayed/ neutered quickly, because

    rabbits can LITERALLY get pregnant while giving birth.

    Source(s): Same thing happened to me
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    it sounds like there not the same sex and need to be separated. The one attacking is probably pregnant.

    Source(s): my own experience
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    You need to separate them immediately. Unless rabbits are fixed they are very territorial once they reach a certain age. And even when they are fixed they need to be introduced properly and bonding them can take months.

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    Yes, they will sometimes rip their own fur out. Those two should be separated.

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    Yes it is because when an animal is pregnant it will attack another animal of the same species that is nearby

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