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i was charged with theft by taking?

the lady pressed charges on me then dropped them. what are the chances the state will pick up the case. beacause i heard the can but they only do it sometimes. anyone have any information that could help me out


what if the police are already involved and i have a warrant out. will all that go away when the are dropped

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    Private parties don't press charges. Only the prosecuting attorney (i.e., the state) can. So if charges were filed, and you have a warrant out, then that means the state IS involved, they HAVE "picked it up," and the lady has no control over whether or not charges are dropped.

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    1. The answer about whether the prosecution will continue depends upon the jurisdiction. What the other answers say is much more likely to be true in a suburban jurisdiction than a really rural one. The answer also depends upon your age, your record, and what was taken.

    2. The lady did not press charges; she asked that charges be pressed. Only the state can file criminal charges against a person. They can always do that with or without the victim's consent because the state prosecutes on behalf of the "people" for the greater good, not on behalf of a private individual.

    3. If there is a warrant outstanding for you, it means that charges have already been filed. Only the prosecutor can tell you whether they are going to dismiss the charges because the victim wants them to. The warrant will be dismissed only if the charges are dismissed.

    Source(s): 20 years as a prosecutor; 10 as a criminal defense attorney
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    Unless some third party was harmed the state has no reason to spend money on the case if the person has withdrawn the complaint. Without the complaint there is really nothing to charge you with.

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    First: Shouldn't have stole unless you knew you were not going to be caught. Yes that is my advice. Everyone would do it.

    Second: The chances of them picking that up are slim. I was investigated for a Felony (supposed bomb threat) they just dropped it.

    Edit: I doubt that they would go and make a warrant for it. It's not like you stole a car, or robbed the store. You stole like a piece of candy eh?

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