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Was this safe for my puppy to eat?

I have a five month old puppy, and we came across a pile of dog feces that had mucus on it. Before I knew it-BAM- he lunged down, put some in his mouth and ran off. Super gross. Do I need to worry about it? Could the other dog be sick? My puppy has all his shots and is wormed. This is my first dog so I'm not sure...I can monitor absolutely everything he puts in his mouth

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    Pet stores sell a product that is supposed to stop your dog from eating poop. You should try it and see if it fixes the problem. As for the health concerns about this particular feces consumption, keep an eye on the dog to see if he acts strange and have the vet check for worms when you take him in for his next checkup/ set of shots.

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    It really just depends. There can be a lot of different stuff in feces, like parasites and an incredible amount of bacteria that could make your dog sick. I'm not saying that it will get sick, but it's definitely something you should talk to your veterinarian about. He or She will give you advice to get him to stop. For the time being, try not to pass feces where other dogs have done their business and make sure you clean up after your own. After all, cleaning up after your dog is the right thing to do. I never leave my yard without poop bags. You can buy them at wal mart or basically any store that sells dog products. Best of wishes. <3

    By the way you can never tell if the dog who's feces is it was real sick. You can't come to that conclusion like the person above me did.

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    No because feces carry alot of worms and diseases and that can effect your dog if the other one was sick.

    What I would do is not allow your puppy to ever touch, walk or eat any feces and usually when they do this they are lacking some nutrition in their food.

    Try changing the puppies food to a better quality with lots of nutrition so curb his eating poop.

    You can find better brands in a Pet store and you will be able to tell the good ones by the ingredients they have.

    Also ask a sales person for a good quality food preferably for a puppy like Blue Buffalo, Wellness, or Merrick.

    Also call your vet to be sure for the puppies sake.

    Source(s): AABR w/40 yrs of dog training
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    The biggest issue if he is up to date on shots is worms. Even if he was wormed the week before it will have to be done again. Worm medicine is for whats already present and wont do anything for parasites he picks up after the worming. some parasites are serious like whip and then there is giardia (not a worm). He will need prescription meds and not over the counter stuff which does very few types of parasites.

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    There won't be a problem. Many dogs are poop-eaters. My 10 month old pup never was until we had cold weather and snow. Now her favorite thing to do is to dig in the snow for a frozen poop. I've had to two out of her mouth today.

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    maybe but if he seem sick or look sick as the day go on i will get him to a puppy eats cat poop from outside and just to be on the safe side i take her to the vet and get her deworm maybe once a month or 2

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    No, the dog who's poop it was is sick and your dog may get sick, but nothing more than some running poo.

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