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Why do I always feel depressed during December?

---Sorry messed up my other account.

I regularly end up overly depressed and sometimes in the hospital during this month(through the depression and attempted sui...). I have great friends & fantastic family that are ALWAYS there for me... I am not lonely but somehow I end up going through a downward spiral through this month. And I don't understand why seeing as I have so much support & so many friends. Somehow this month is worse than January for me (My father died in January over 10 years ago.). I am only 20 and just want a slight understanding to this complicated month.

-I also must add I'm not stressed during this month either.

-I have enough money to get by...

-I throw away everything during this month though, friends family, jobs. I get into a weird state where I just can't stop drinking. I have to work in an hour and I'm drunk. It is this bad and happens every December.

What is it?

Also I take vitamins, Omega 3, and eat flax seed daily and I actually have been really good with eating properly.

I work in the dark all the time seeing as I'm a bartender & a waitress. So I do not believe it could be a lack of vitamin d. Or I'd be depressed all year...

Plus my daily intake of vitamins cover that?

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    Take a look at Seasonal Affective Disorder.

    I bought one of those sun lamps that gives you vitamin D, and it's really helped me through long winters.

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    SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. The vitamins bought are not the Vitamin "d" you need. Depression is always in all humans and so with anxiety, although to no bore you with a bunch of medical jumbo you ought to check with a medical doc and clear away any suspicions, and tel the doc, "I feel depressed." Then after a good conscious look at yourself, are you a drinker? Alcohol is definitely a depressive drug, no amount of pills or vitamins will counteract the affects of alcohol. Call a "doc." Then think about counseling with a good pair of ears whom will listen to you. I'll bet you have steam to vent!

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    I paintings with trauma and PDST sufferers, and its constantly a actual situation around the iciness. a brilliant style of persons believe this is using the shortcoming of image voltaic. for the duration of the iciness months of course the sunlight remains out, yet no longer as shiny. This motives a nutrition D reducement which we clearly get from image voltaic. seem into taking a nutrition D supplement interior the iciness months, i'm no longer a doctor however, so be sure it would not result the different drugs you're taking.

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    December is cold and it gets dark earlier. They both effect people's morale. That's why Alaska has such a high suicide rate.

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