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Madara's reply to kabuto about shisui (chapter 520)?


This interested me http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/520/20

The way in which Madara replyed "Don't push your luck" when Kabuto mentioned resurecting shisui. Could this perhaps forshadow future events? Madara seems to care for Shisui, or at least his body, maybe this has something to do with his identity. I know he says he is Madara but he still hides his face.

What are your opinions to this

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    I am not too sure... they both seem to have their own agendas, but they are working together only because it benefits the other. This could be some attempt on Kabuto's part to get some sort of an advantage over Madara. Sort of like he has backup in case Madara tries anything or have leverage.

    It could be Madara has something hidden in/with Shisui that helps him stay alive (although I think he said before it was his chakra.) So that would give him reason to carefully hide Shisui. (Although he could also hide Shisui in his person,) so that would also explain why he said don't push your luck.

    If it is the case that Shisui somehow holds the key to Madara's defeat, I am sure we will see it coming soon.

    Madara might also have something up his sleeve just in case Kabuto does try anything to try and find/resurect Shisui...

    It could also be that Shisui has something that can defeat Madara if he is resurrected. Another reason for Madara to want to keep him hidden.

    In any case, there are quite a few thearies.

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    That's quite a good point. We can't be sure that he was talking about shisui though, it could have been about jiraiya or danzo also, perhaps he was just saying it. We know that danzo got shisui's eye somehow right? Then why would danzo just leave shisui's body there for madara to take, so it still may be something to do about his identity, but i doubt it's about him having shisui's body, also, when he had his old mask on, you could only see his right sharingan, the other one was covered up and with danzo, he had a sharingan only in his right eye...

    But overall... i think he was just saying it as a "don't think ill let you become any stronger" lol

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    i dont think madara's shisui. i think he said that cuz he didnt want kabuto gettin stronger than him and have another uchica in his group of undead ppl

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