What are ways to improve your singing voice?

I can sing good as I'd but I want to find ways to improve it to the point where I can hit like bigger notes and have a stronger controlled voice. My voice is raspy like, Corrine Bailey Rae- ish. Anyone have tips?

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    1 decade ago
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    Breath in,fill your stomache/diaphram full of air,and push out a note from your stomache.Then hold your breath and take that note up a little higher.That will give you your control.Just practice that and it becomes easier.Goodluck!

    Source(s): Private vocal lessons with proffesional Roger Burnley.
  • 1 decade ago

    take a singing lesson. What you really need is to learn how to breathe properly and your posture has to be perfect. You have to breathe through your diaphram and not let your shoulders rise. if your sitting you gotta sit at the edge of the seat and sit up really strait. Also you have to properly warm your voice up before singing

    Source(s): Im in choir
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