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Help With Health Care Law....Give Me Three Reasons?

I really would appreciate three good reasons for a persuasive essay. They could be for the health care law, or against it. I just need THREE GOOD, PERSUASIVE REASONS SUPPORTING YOUR POSITION.

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    At present the poor get healtcare for free(go to any hospital)

    Congress gets it free

    The rich can afford it

    Only the middle class has a problem.

    The healthcare providers are

    1.Greedy (rates go up much faster than the cost of living

    2. If you develop a problem, you don't get renewed

    3.If you have a pre-existing condition they double your policy cost and (((don't cover the condition))).

    It is far less expensive to dispense healthcare preventions etc, than to await until diseases arrive.

    Children with preventive coverage, live healthier.

    Adults tested and treated is cheaper than treating when the malady is full blown

    It is the ethical and right thing to do, and cheaper in the long run.No one should suffer for lack of available help!

    Healthcare Providers spent hundreds of millions in our last election, to protect their profit margins, it is about money, not Healthcare!

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