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Health care Debate...Help With Persuasive Essay Reasons?

I really would appreciate three good reasons for a persuasive essay. They could be for the health care law, or against it. I just need THREE GOOD, PERSUASIVE REASONS SUPPORTING YOUR POSITION.

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    How approximately Autism AND well-being care? I definitely have a buddy whose sixteen year previous son is relatively critically autistic. This buddy has a stable job, stable scientific well-being insurance, yet relies upon completely on the state for his son's practise. There could verify classes (in actuality, money set aside) so as that little ones like my buddy's son have an possibility to earnings, to understand a thank you to be a functioning member of society in spite of their problems. I frequently think of that if for in spite of reason, the investment for this application and others like it have been to dry up, my buddy might could supply up his job to alter into an entire-time caretaker to his son. And even although he's clever adequate and an extremely committed father, he would not understand the place to start up as to the thank you to coach his son to function even along with his autism. Take it or depart it - that's one section the place the argument is fairly academic. Autistic little ones desire countless help, and help expenditures $$$.

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    I smoke and have lung cancer I'm going to die at no cost to you because you have never put a smoke in my mouth and lit it and did chest compressions to force the carcinogens into my lungs. I have liver disease I'm a huge fat person what other argument is left? We should buy health insurance by the pound and habit or die simple. The people that want to live will pay whatever it costs to live.

    I really did kill myself and the paramedics knocked me out before the sheriff tasered me died twice in the ER. and I'm still miserable. It ain't up to them it's up to me.

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    (1) Do your own homework.

    (2) Do your own homework.

    (3) Do your own homework.

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    no. do your own homework.

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