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which e-reader is the best pdf reader?

i want to buy an e-reader to read my pdf books on since my eye hurts anytime i read on my computer screen for a couple of hours. i want something that can handle a pdf with pictures well and that also doesn't hurt the eyes when used for a long time. most of my pdfs are colored with diagrams in it. should i buy the kindle even tho it's black and white or should i buy the nook color tho it's battery is not all that great? or the iPad tho it may also hurt the eye when used for too long?? i want something which can handle a pdf well and at the same time cause less harm to the eye. Thanks.


Thanks for all the helpful answers so far. I'm actually looking for a device that can handle pdf file with picture diagrams well. And from what i've heard so far kindles don't do that well. Or if there's a new one which can handle pdf files well, then please let me know. Thanks.

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  • Anonymous
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    Nook Color from Barnes & Noble is what you need.

    You need color for charts and diagrams and Nook Color has a new generation screen which is anti-glare coated and is better for reducing eye strain than iPad's. Also, it has USB port which iPad lacks. While it's great to have your battery last for weeks (like with e-Ink black & white eReaders), I don't beleived it's a big issues for anyone to charge your device once a day, you already to it for your mobile phone. That's the price you pay for color.

  • Lora
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    If your computer hurts your eyes, and color reader will also hurt your eyes. It is the back-lit LCD screen that is bothering you.

    Try the Sony Readers, they do really well with PDF format (but e-ink only)

  • WB
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    I use the Sony touch e-reader.It is perfect with pdf and comfortable to the eyes.

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