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what is a good bedding i can use for my lionhead bunnie that wont get stuck in his fur?

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    We fostered a double-maned lionhead for several months and had problems with aspen getting stuck in the mane around her legs and under her chin. I know a lot of bunny people use carefresh, which is a very soft paper litter, and they seem to like it a lot. I never tried it; we just brushed her every day and manually picked the litter off of her, which she really enjoyed.

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    you do no longer prefer bedding in any respect. practice him to a clutter field - get a plastic tupperware sufficiently huge for him to slot in. Line it with a plastic bag (much less perplexing to pull out and sparkling the field), a layer of newspaper, and hay (the hay will inspire him to hop in). you could positioned a number of his poop and urine on a papertowel into the field to enable him comprehend thats the place he's think to bypass. Bedding is thoroughly pointless - you could throw an old dish rag into his cage to place on - my bunny enjoyed to toss those around. purely sparkling the field out another day.

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    Newspaper is good and comfortable. I faced the same problem so I decided to use aspen bedding.

    You an get it at Petco, Petsmart... Basically anywhere.

    Source(s): Five Lionheads : )
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    Thin-shredded newspaper. Make sure that the shredded news paper is not really long, so your rabbit would feel more comfy.

    Source(s): I use newspaper for my rabbit bedding.
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