Food Wars or Emotional abuse?

My husband has recently started circling ingredients on my food labels that he deems bad for me and our daughter. I've all ready asked him not to do this, but every time that I turn around I see something else underlined or highlighted on my food boxes or packages. Also, I will try to offer him something that I'm eating and he kind of sneers, or is like yeah right not me. I ask him about all of this and he says that he is not concerned about me but about our daughter. So in the end i feel bad because their is no compromise, only me being harrassed about everything I eat. Any advice on this topic. Ive even tried buying organic things because he likes them but they are never recognized, only the things he thinks are bad are. Thanks..

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago

    He definitely has issues, which aren't your fault. It probably can't be termed as "abuse", but he is using the "logic" of an abuser - everything is your fault, nothing you do is right, I'm right and you're wrong for having an opinion that is different from mine.

    You need to drag him to a therapist. Tell him that you "appreciate his concern", but you feel you have made reasonable compromises, and would like him to meet you halfway by ending his hurtful comments. Stand your ground. If he loves you, then he will make an effort; if he doesn't, well, you have to decide if you want to live the rest of your life like this.

  • Start only eating out ;no food in the house except Cheese Whiz cans :)

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