why do religions try to promise me this eternal happiness when?

life without suffering is pointless, because life is like the night sky, the stars of our life are not beautiful because they are light, but because they are contrasted by the blackness of space... without sorrow and pain there cannot be beauty because there is nothing to judge it against. so why would one want to live an eternal life out of balance? why would i want the stars without the space? why would i want the happiness without the cost? would i truly appreciate it then? probably not...


i appreciate plenty of things my friend, i appreciate the love of my girlfriend, i appreciate my friends and how we always look out for one another, i appreciate my family for being there for me... the thing is without something to judge by how do you know what is good... ill give you an example, what do you think when you turn on the faucet in your sink? "yeah its water so what?" now what would a man who has been lost in the desert for 2 and a half days without a drop of water think if he stumbled upon an oasis? "my god this is the most amazing thing ever, water when i needed it!!!" to live constantly by a source of such happiness makes one not register how good they have it, but living without it and then receiving it is true happiness

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    Unless measured to Absolute Perfection. It will be overwhelmingly good.

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    The fact is that they promise you "Eternal Happiness" so that you'll be their slaves. They set up rules that they make their children abide by which force their children to obey them, they made rules which limited the freedom of women (They had promiscuous women stoned, and other obviously patriarchal themes), and generally tried to enslave other religions and ethnicities as well.

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    honestly we are all flawed and fall in need of the appreciate of God. a remarkable thank you to that guy or woman who mentioned that a healthful guy or woman who used a crutch would finally be no longer able to stroll generally- newsflash- all of us prefer some help now and then and if meaning that faith is a crutch, then i think i take advantage of a crutch(and am no longer ashamed to assert so ).

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    They're infantile suckers and they want more infantile suckers so they can cling to their infantile beliefs even more tightly. That simple. Remember - religious belief *IS* a mental defect. All you have to know is that you don't suffer from that particular defect. (You could be nuts but you're not religious, thank nothing.)

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    Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens. It only diminishes the value of earthly life. I'd rather not live eternally.

    "I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it."

    Source(s): Mark Twain
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    You said it "religions". Man made doctrine. Quite pointless. Live by the diety of Jesus Christ and him crucified on Calvary and you wipe out all religions that preach a make you feel good about yourself type of philosophy.

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    Thats a vague philosophy. HEAVEN ISNT LIKE ANYTHING THAT YOU HAVE EVER HEARD OR, SEEN, OR CAN IMAGINE. The Bible says, "Eyes have not seen, nor ears heard what the Lord has planned for those who love Him." Hell has no good, and heaven has no evil, soooooooo you gotta choose one.

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    Eternal happiness is achieved by asking Jesus Christ to forgive you for your sins. And asking Him to come into your life. There is no other way.

    God Bless Ya,

    Chicago Bob


    There is more joy in Jesus in one day.

    Than there is in the World 365/24/7

    I know, I tried them both

    Source(s): Jesus!
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    You have never had something you treasured stolen from you?

    You have never loved and lost?

    You have never experienced your sick child?

    You have never experienced death and mangled bodies at a war zone?

    You have never suffered a sickness such as cancer?

    You have never lost someone you love to as sickness such as cancer?

    You have never lost a loved one?

    God will stop all of this when He presents His new Heaven and His new Earth. I am looking forward to the wonderful things He has in store for me and those who love Him.

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    It is my view that most atheist do not appreciate much of anything as it is now.

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