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Do you find it hard/harder to exercise when menstrating? Why, why not?

Maybe I'm an anomoly, but lately 2 friends of mine have said they find it nearly impossible to exercise when menstrating, and that even eating as healthy as they usually do is difficult, as they crave carb-y things, however, I don't find exercising or eating healthy any harder when I'm menstrating. If I'm dieting, I don't LOSE as much weight (assumingly because of water retention), but I don't find it difficult. Then again, I don't cramp at all (if at all) nor do I feel bloated.

So, am I an anomoly?

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    no, you're quite normal for an active person. meanwhile your friends are quite normal for inactive people or they are just making excuses to get out of exercising.

    when I wasn't active, I had problems w/ bloating and low energy during my period and I didn't feel much like working out but once I became active, all that went away.

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    I dont really know if your an anomoly, but everyone is different so obviously you react differently.

    Personally I crave more unhealthy foods (dieting is no fun while its that time of the month) like I crave carbs and sweets, and excersising I feel more heavy, tired, and uncomfertable doing it but its not impossible for me. I bloat and cramp mildly.

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    I find it hard because they cramps are annoying and it throws me into a miserable fit. I really can't focus knowing that sweat is running down my body and blood flowing out of me.Yuck!

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    Hard if i have cramps but otherwise i feel great when i use a tampon because it feels like nothing diffrent to when im not :)

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    i think you mean menstruating.

    but yeah, a lot of women get pretty fatigued when they have their period, that makes it hard to exercise. but everyone has different period symptoms, there are really no rules.

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